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7 Interesting Facts About Dolphins

Dolphins are the smartest among all non-human animals, and they are found all over the world. The size of a dolphin varies depending on its species. Like most wild creatures, dolphins can be found all over the world and in different environments.

But some of them have a better chance of being spotted than others because they only live in a few specific places, while others are more widespread. For example, many species of dolphins live in the warmer waters around the equator, while others prefer to live in colder waters like the ones along the coasts of Ireland and Scotland.

Although they can be found on every single continent, dolphins are most commonly seen in warmer waters. This is because they are cold-blooded animals that prefer warm temperatures. They can be found near the equator where the water is warm year-round.

Here are 7  interesting facts about Dolphins an 

1. Fresh Water Dolphins

Fresh Water Dolphin, also known as the Common River Dolphin. These dolphins have the most distinctive black and white markings of all dolphins. They have big heads, round foreheads, and long, slender snouts. They have a unique, “smile-like” facial marking that resembles a mask, with a white ring around each eye.

The FreshWater Dolphins are born in the ocean and swim to freshwater to grow. They only live in freshwater, and most species live in rivers and lakes in tropical countries, where they don’t freeze in the winter. Some Fresh Water Dolphins eat fish, and others eat other things like frogs and insects.

7 Interesting Facts About Dolphins


2. Underwater noise pollution is a real threat to dolphin 

Underwater noise pollution is a real threat to dolphins. In fact, marine mammals are exposed to a range of sources of underwater noise pollution. The ocean is so full of noises that it can be hard to imagine how dolphins find the sounds they need to communicate and navigate.

They use sounds to find each other, to locate prey, and avoid predators. In fact, These animals are among the loudest animals on Earth, with the bottlenose dolphin, for example, capable of producing sounds of up to 188 decibels—almost as loud as a jet engine.

However, the ocean is not just a place of wonder and beauty. It is also a place where pollution and human activity threaten the health of dolphins. A growing concern is underwater noise pollution, which can interfere with dolphin communication and can even cause hearing loss and death.

7 Interesting Facts About Dolphins


3. Dolphins are Chatty animals

Dolphins are known as chatterboxes of the sea. They are known for whistling, squeaks, and clicks. They have their own language. It was once believed that dolphins were voiceless, but in fact, they are able to make sounds in certain frequencies that are inaudible to humans.

They can communicate with their own species, using these “dolphinese”.  They are also able to imitate the sounds of other animals, such as whales and seagulls. They may have certain sounds for warning others of danger, for hunting together, or for separating themselves from pods they don’t like.

7 Interesting Facts About Dolphins


4. Dolphins can turn off their brain

Dolphins are some of the smartest creatures on earth. They are also very social, playful, and active creatures. This is called unihemispheric slow-wave sleep and it helps them avoid predators while they sleep.

During this state, each side of the dolphin’s brain sleeps for about an hour before it takes over the other half for another hour. This allows them to stay alert to any dangers that may be lurking nearby.

7 Interesting Facts About Dolphins


5. Fishing gears are a major threat to dolphins 

Anyone who has ever gone fishing has had the experience of accidentally hooking a dolphin. It is a sad reality that is all too common in tropical and temperate waters.

A recent study found that as much as fishing gear causes about 85% of the dolphin deaths which have been found in the water have been killed by fishing gear.

The nets used to catch fish for commercial consumption also end up killing dolphins, and the only solution to this problem is to change the way that commercial fishing is done.

7 Interesting Facts About Dolphins


6. A Dolphin hearing is 10 times better than any human.

They are known for their intelligence and their capacity for emotion, but did you know that they also have super-hearing? A dolphin’s hearing is about 10 times better than human hearing, and they can detect sounds in water that are too faint for the human ear.

Experts believe they evolved this ability to help them locate the clicking sounds of other dolphins. Dolphins also have the ability to hear much higher and lower-pitched sounds than humans.

For example, dolphin echolocation can detect objects as small as a goldfish by its clicking noises. Dolphins can hear frequencies that range from 50 Hz to 150 kHz, which is 10 times better than any human.

7 Interesting Facts About Dolphins


7. Dolphins give birth to their young tail first;  they’re the only mammals known to do this 

Dolphins are the only mammals known to give birth to their young tail first. It turns out they are also unique when it comes to childbirth. While most animals give birth to their young head first, dolphins give birth tail first. Why? A dolphin gestation period lasts between 10 and 11 months, which is about the same time that it takes for a dolphin to swim from Hawaii to Japan.

It is believed that this adaptation originated from the ancestors of dolphins, who were land-based mammals. They are born with an umbilical cord, which allows them to breathe while still in their mother’s womb.

The baby dolphin is born tail-first so that its umbilical cord does not get in the way, as it would if the baby dolphin were born head-first.

Dolphins give birth to their young tail first

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