About Us

About Us

Hi! Thanks so much for visiting us online.

My name is Roger Rowe and I own several dolphin tour & snorkeling businesses in Panama City & Panama City Beach.

I have lived here in Panama City Beach for 10 years. After spending a couple of years in Costa Rica and Panama (the country), I was bored and came back here to experience the best diving and spearfishing in the country. This decision had a lot to do with realizing The United States is the best country in the world and how much I missed it after coming back for a Christmas visit, then deciding not to go back to Panama as I had planned.

My love for diving was inspired by watching Jacques Cousteau on Sunday nights as a kid in the 70’s. For a second grader that was high adventure and turned on my adrenaline every time I saw it. I still get the same feeling every time I think about it, plan a trip or head out go for a dive today. I am still that kid, 40 years later.

While Jacques Cousteau was inspiring my desire for SCUBA diving, we were also watching the TV show; Flipper. That show set me on fire to explore the salt water in Florida and I dreamed about it all the time as a kid growing up in the hills of Northwest Alabama where there is little sand and no saltwater. The sense of adventure I found in that TV show has driven me to seek adventure in many different places and many different forms, including becoming a private pilot.

My dream trip, since I was a kid in that small hillbilly town I grew up in, was to be able to fly myself to Key West with my dive gear in the back and seek my adventures and desire for discovery there. In the early 2000s I was able to realize that dream after starting two successful contracting businesses and flying around the Florida penissula to check my jobs every other week (caulking & insulating high rise glass buildings).

Now, as a man, I enjoy sharing that sense of adventure with the younger ones who are the same age as I was at the time. Sometimes a kid may only get one chance to come to Panama City Beach and get this kind of experience. We want to make sure they do and we want to make sure they remember it. For a lifetime. As serious as I have been about seeking advenmture in my life, I am serious about their experiences as well.

Our captains, deck hands and office staff are all good souls and good people. Everyone who works with us is happy because I make sure of it. Our team goes to great lengths to make this the best tour company in town to provide the best tour experiences in town for our visitors to the this land of adventure at sea and the surrounding waters.

Our company name (Gabby’s Dolphin Tours) was inspired by another young person who loves the beach, the sand and the saltwater. She has inspired me to have more fun in life and that business is not the end all-be all in life. That is why we named the company after her and still inspires me to have a good time, work less and enjoy life more.

And this kind of fun is what I have decided I wnat to be a part of each and every day. Less adulting and more fun. More fun for our clients and more fun for us. Ever seen anyone at the beach who wasn’t happy to be there? Me either.

This is the life we have chosen and the life we have chosen to share with you and your children in hopes they will be inspired to seek their own adventure for a lifetime.

Welcome to Panama City Beach, Florida.

We hope you make memories for your family that will last a lifetime.

Roger Rowe