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Panama City Marina Dolphin tours

“I wanted freedom, open air and adventure. I found it on the sea.”

– Alaine Gerbault

Dolphin Tours in Marina, FL

Riding dolphins has been a tourist attraction for years, and it’s only become more popular. In fact, the word “dolphin” is the most popular word for baby girls in many countries.  And if you’ve ever wanted to ride a dolphin, but have never had the chance, you need to check out Marina Dolphin Tours. They take you out on the ocean and let you interact with dolphins in the wild while giving you a safe and fun experience. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to ride a dolphin, this is your chance to find out!

If you’ve been dreaming of seeing dolphins up close, here’s your chance to get on a tour and get the best up-close look at these playful creatures. Marina Dolphin has been on the beach since 1978, and during that time the company has evolved from a one-boat operation to a full-fledged marine tour operator. Today, the Marina Dolphin fleet consists of a total of 5 vessels, including the newest addition, a 41′ rigid hull catamaran that can accommodate up to 44 passengers. The company operates a total of 9 hours every day and has earned a reputation for providing the most exciting and memorable dolphin tour experience in the world.

Encounter Dolphins in the Wild in marina, fl

Dolphin Tours in Marina, FL

Dolphins may be the most popular marine mammal, but finding them in the wild is tough! Dolphins can swim as fast as 25 miles per hour, so they are incredibly difficult to spot. To make matters worse, their ability to communicate with each other is much like our own, which means they can stay hidden from us without making a sound. 

Fortunately, there are a few places around the world where you can observe dolphins in their natural habitat. These spots have created special opportunities for swimmers and snorkelers to swim with dolphins without any harmful contact. 

The Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin also called the Common Dolphin or just Dolphin is an aquatic mammal within the family Delphinidae. It is a widespread species, ranging over most of the temperate and tropical ocean waters. 

The dolphin is the most intelligent species of a living mammal. The Bottlenose Dolphin has a wide range and is found in all the world’s oceans. The Bottlenose Dolphin has a long, fusiform (i.e. tapering at both ends) body, a large triangular, arched head with a distinctive curved jawline, and a prominent curved dorsal fin.

Enjoy a Small-Group Marina Dolphin Tour in marina, fl

Today, few activities are more popular among travelers than dolphin watching. It’s easy to see why: Dolphins are beautiful creatures, and they’re also famously friendly. (Who doesn’t love Flipper?) While it’s tempting to go in search of dolphins on your own, it’s important to remember that these are wild animals, and it’s best to check with local authorities before heading out on your own.  

If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on the best dolphin-watching experience ever, consider booking a small-group marina dolphin tour.  These tours will take you out on your own private boat, where your guide will help you spot dolphins you might not otherwise see.

Our small group tours are the perfect way to see all the California Bay Area has to offer. Our experienced guides will take you on a voyage on the bay and teach you about the rich history and the local wildlife. 

Marina Dolphin Tours offers several cruises each day, with a variety of packages for enjoying everything from the beauty of nature to the thrill of the open ocean. Dolphin watching is one of the most popular tours, as it combines the thrill of an ocean adventure with the chance to see some of the world’s most beloved creatures up close. The secret to seeing dolphins is to pay attention to the water, as dolphins can pop up anywhere and don’t always stick around in one place.

Tarpon Point Marina, FL

Tarpon Point Marina is one of the nicest marinas in Florida. The grounds are immaculate and the amenities are excellent. The docks are kept in top condition, and the recreational facilities are the best in the area. In fact, Tarpon Point Marina is the only marina in the area that has its own fitness center. Tarpon Point Marina is located in Clearwater Beach. It is a great place to come for a weekend getaway or a vacation. 

Tarpon Point Marina is located on the Atlantic side of Florida, in Fort Lauderdale.  This marina is the ideal destination for boaters who want to spend a great time on the water.  The marina is surrounded by a beautiful environment that is ideal for families with children.   

Tarpon Point Marina is a great destination where you can find a wide range of activities to do.  From fishing to biking, from swimming to kayaking, there is something for every type of person. 

Dolphin and Fireworks Tour in marina, fl

Dolphins are the most intelligent creatures alive, and they love to play! For years, dolphin shows have used tricks to make dolphins appear more intelligent than they are. Now, though, with animal rights in the spotlight, more and more entertainment parks are offering dolphin tours instead of shows. Thanks to this trend, you can now swim with dolphins and enjoy their natural behaviors.

We at Marina Dolphin offer many different tours, including dolphin watching, snorkeling, and fireworks cruises. All of our charters are safe, fun, and memorable, but some are more suited to specific interests. For example, if watching dolphins play is your favorite part of the vacation, you should check out the Dolphins & Fish Cruise. This tour allows you to observe Panama City Bay as it is home to a huge variety of marine life. If you’re in town for a celebration and want a front-row seat to the city’s fireworks display, the Fireworks & Cruise is a great choice. The views from our deck are unbeatable, and you’ll be able to see the city sparkling from a different perspective!

Salt Marsh Dolphin & Sightseeing Sail in marina, fl

Salt Marsh Dolphin & Sightseeing Sail offers a Dolphin and Sightseeing Sail. To begin the tour, you will board our large, comfortable, and stable flat-bottom boat. You will be given a brief orientation before you set off to see the sights and the dolphins on the water. The tour will take approximately one hour. Mid-way through the trip, the captain will stop at the best spot to see the dolphins.

Each passenger is allowed to spend 20 minutes with the dolphins, taking photos and swimming with them. The tour will then continue to a local winery, where you will get a tour and taste several wines, before heading back to the marina.

Low Country Dolphin Cruise in marina, fl

If you’re looking for a thrill and have always wanted to swim with dolphins, this is your chance. The Low Country Dolphin Cruise offers a unique opportunity to cruise with the dolphins in their natural habitat, and provides educational insight on these magnificent creatures. 

The whole family will enjoy the dolphin experience, whether you’re a dolphin pro or have never seen one of these oceanic creatures before. In fact, the Cruise is your chance to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat, while also providing educational insight. Whether you’re a dolphin pro or have never seen one of these oceanic creatures before, your family will have an experience they’ll never forget.

Marina Dolphin tours

Flying Circus Catamaran Dolphin Watch Sailing Trip in marina, fl

Marina Dolphin will take you to the best place to see the flying circus of Catamaran Dolphin Watch Sailing Trip, the twelve-meter fiberglass catamaran will take you to the most desirable area for the dolphins to play and interact with the passengers.    This is not a passive boat trip, but an active one, as the boat crew will be actively feeding the dolphins, the captain and crew know the dolphins very well and can identify the pod by name, they will be able to provide you with an experience you will never forget.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard the Marina Dolphin.   This is your captain speaking, over the next 36 hours we will be taking you on the most incredible journey of your life.  Through the use of our state-of-the-art technology, we will take you to places you have never imagined existed, in a way that will ensure your enjoyment is at its peak.   There is no need to worry if you have never sailed before, as we will be providing you with a detailed guide on how to do so, upon boarding.   As you sail, we will be providing you with a vast array of entertainment, through our large selection of movies, music, and TV shows.


Dolphins are playful, intelligent creatures that are found all around the world. Many people enjoy going to see them perform at a marine park, but some are wary of getting in the water with the animals. This is why many cities offer dolphin tours, in which you get to see the dolphins from a safe distance on land. Here is what you need to know about these tours before you plan a trip.

How can you tell if a dolphin tour operator is safe? Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds! Just because a tour company has a stellar reputation and an excellent safety record, doesn’t mean that they’re the right choice for you. Every person has different wants, needs, and expectations from their adventure, so it’s important to make sure that your interests and preferences are being met.