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Captain Anderson's Marina Dolphin Tours

“I wanted freedom, open air and adventure. I found it on the sea.”

– Alaine Gerbault

Dolphin Tours in Captain Anderson's Marina

Dolphins are one of the few species of marine mammals seen in the wild. If you’re interested in getting up close to dolphins while visiting the Gulf Coast of Florida, you can take a tour through Captain Anderson’s Marina. Dolphins often swim in the area around marinas. It makes them popular destinations for those who want to get their fill of up-close dolphin sightings.

Most people have seen dolphins at sea, either from a boat or at a theme park. But, our tours from Captain Anderson’s Marina are one of the few places you can get eye-to-eye with these amazing creatures. The Coast is home to Atlantic bottlenose dolphins.

You don’t have to get wet, but you will learn more about these creatures than most people ever do. You’ll get to appreciate their intelligence and personalities. Captain Anderson’s Marina Dolphin tours are a great way to spend part of a day on your vacation to the Marinas.

Sightseeing and Dolphin Tours in captain anderson's marina

Captain Anderson's Marina Dolphin Tours

Panama City Dolphin Tours offers daily sightseeing and Dolphin Tours in Captain Anderson’s Marina in Florida. And, we guarantee the best rates available. Our Dolphin Tours introduces you to several species of dolphins, including the Bottlenose Dolphin, which is probably the best known.

In addition, you can swim with and feed stingrays, tropical fish, and sea turtles. We will always provide our customers with the most comfortable vessels and the best service.

So as a guest aboard our Captain Anderson’s Marina Dolphin Tours, you will be one of the first to see dolphins each morning. And, you will go island hopping, marveling at the spectacular crystal-clear waters and spectacular tropical scenery.

You will see alligators and manatees, and if lucky, you might spot a whale. In the afternoon, we will take you on a sightseeing tour of the area, the Everglades National Park, Key Largo, and the Florida Keys.

The trip is at very affordable rates and worth the effort. If you want to go beyond the typical Panama City experience, you should consider going on Captain Anderson’s Marina Dolphin Tours.

Sunset Dolphin Cruises in captain anderson's marina

Captain Anderson’s Marina is a unique place, and you’ll see that right away. If you do want to visit, follow the giant, concrete dolphin statue just off the side of the highway. The marina is beautiful, with a tall lighthouse and a lighthouse keeper’s home, surrounded by waterways and gazebos. It’s a great place to start watching the sunset, so if you’re a local or a tourist looking for a quiet place to do so, this is the place to be.

Dolphins have been spotted all year round in the waters of South Florida’s Atlantic coast, which is why Sunset Dolphin Cruises is one of the best dolphin tours we have on our vacation services. Sunset Dolphin Cruises has guaranteed sightings of these playful sea creatures on all of our sunset tours.

According to our Captains, “Dolphins are very social animals and will always come to the sound of a whistle. So, it is an amazing way for all our guests to have a blast and enjoy these creatures in their natural habitat.” Our Sunset Dolphin Cruise includes a boat ride around the Atlantic coast.

Marina Snorkeling tours in captain anderson's marina

We are a snorkeling tour company that provides tours in Anderson Lighthouse Marina, a small community located in the Florida Keys about 50 miles away from Miami.

Our tours are guaranteed to be fun for anyone who loves to snorkel and tour the ocean. Our boats are clean, our Guide is kind, and the water is warm!

Enjoy the underwater world from a whole new perspective! Captain Anderson’s Marina Dolphin Tours provides snorkeling tours to locals and tourists alike.

The tours are family-friendly, and even the youngest snorkelers will enjoy getting a close-up look at the amazing fish and coral that live in the marina.

If you are a more experienced swimmer, the tours will leave plenty of room for you to take your time and let you explore on your own.

Eco Sea-fari Boat Tours in captain anderson's marina

Eco sea-fari boat tours, which allow you to snorkel and swim with dolphins, are a great way to spend a day on vacation. But, they’re also a great way to have an active day in a tropical paradise without owning a ton of expensive equipment. The EcoSea Tour, operated on Anderson Island, is the best way to see a slice of the Florida coast.

The Eco Sea-fari boat tours are the only tours of their kind. The boat tours are a great way to learn about the local marine life and history of Panama City.

Captain Chris, the tour guide, is a friendly man who knows the area well. He is a living testament to the story of his life. He grew up in the area and overcoming adversity.

Scheduling Your Tour in Captain Anderson's Marina

Are you looking to schedule a dolphin tour? If so, you’ve come to the right place. If you are looking for a dolphin tour in Florida Panhandle, We will find the perfect vacation for you. We specialize in finding tours for all budgets and all ages.

Our tours are perfect for thrill-seekers, couples, families, and everyone in between. We have tours that take place in the morning or afternoon, so you can find a tour that will suit your vacation schedule!


Snorkeling is a way to explore the underwater world, and many parts of the world are beautiful and fascinating from below the surface. The beauty of snorkeling is that you do not need to be a strong swimmer: you just need to be able to float and move comfortably on the surface with your face under the water. If you can achieve that, then you are ready to enjoy the world under the sea. Your enjoyment of snorkeling depends on your ability to see underwater. When you are on the surface, however, it is often hard to see what is underneath you. You could sink to the bottom and look around, of course, but then you are not experiencing the beauty of snorkeling