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St Andrews Marina Dolphin Tours

“I wanted freedom, open air and adventure. I found it on the sea.”

– Alaine Gerbault

Dolphin Tours in St Andrews Marina, FL

St Andrews Marina is located in a beautiful town in the Florida Panhandle. It is a small town, but it features a beautiful nature and a vibrant, thriving community. St Andrews Marina is a suitable place for tourists and locals who are searching for a place to get away from the stress of daily life and enjoy the beauty of nature, and it is the best site for enjoying dolphin tours. 

The nature of the town is perfect for people who enjoy spending time outdoors. There is something for everyone here, and that is why families love to visit St Andrew Marina. You can find restaurants, theaters, museums, and other points of interest in and around the town. The town also features a beautiful boardwalk and a marina. 

In the town of St. Andrews, there are few things that residents and tourists look forward to more than dolphin-watching season. The stretch of the Gulf Coast is well known for its resident dolphin population, and we at Panama City Dolphin Tours have been the leading dolphin tours company for over 30 years.  

The dolphins that visit St. Andrews Panama City are mostly spotted dolphins and Wild bottlenose dolphins and can be seen in both the sea and river. Dolphins have been spotted fishing in the bay and playing in the surf. They are most often seen in the mornings but have been seen throughout the day.

Dolphin Sightseeing Tours in St Andrews Marina, FL

Dolphin Tours in St Andrews Marina, FL

Panama City in Florida is one of the best destinations for a vacation. Here you can enjoy a warm climate year-round and have a fantastic time exploring the many tourist attractions. One very popular attraction is to go on a guided sightseeing tour. 

The city has many beautiful parks and sites that you can visit, and a tour is a great way to see it all. The Southernmost stop for the dolphin tour route is in St Andrews Marina, where you will see the most diverse population of wildlife thanks to the protected barrier reef behind the marina.  

We have the largest variety of wild dolphins in the area, some that you may not be able to see anywhere else. There are lots of dolphin tour companies here in St Andrews Marina, so why choose Panama City Dolphin Tours? 

There are two main reasons: the first is that we offer the most comprehensive tour out there. We’ll take you to where the dolphins are and let them play on our boat. The second reason is that we know the waters around St Andrews Marina better than anyone else. Our guides grew up around here, and we’re experts in the area. 

Jet Ski Dolphin Tours in Panama City Beach in St Andrews Marina, FL

Dolphin watching is not an activity that every tourist thinks of when they plan their vacation to Panama City. But it should be! Dolphins are a part of the local culture in Panama, and they can be seen in many different places. 

The most popular option is to go on a dolphin tour on a jet ski. The best place to take a dolphin tour is Panama City’s St. Andrews Marina. Located on the southern shore of the entrance to the Panama Canal, the marina is a central hub for activities, making it a great place for dolphin tours. Dolphin-watching tours are available any time of the day to fit your schedule.

Jet ski dolphin tours are a popular way to experience the water and the wildlife in St Andrews Marina Panama City. The tours can be led by tour guides. we will provide you with the right information that will enable you to plan an unforgettable experience.

Come swim with the dolphins in St Andrews Marina, FL

With years of experience caring for dolphins and other marine life, our Captain is the best available to provide the best dolphin swim experience in St Andrews Marina. When you swim with the dolphins, you are supporting a sustainable marine habitat, and our efforts to protect these animals and other marine wildlife. The swim experience is a playful and interactive one, and you’ll leave with a greater appreciation for marine life. 

You and your travel companion(s) will spend the day swimming with the dolphins and enjoying the spectacular natural beauty of the Gulf coast. You’ll get the opportunity to swim with these amazing creatures in the Wild, in the wild, and even in the water.  

You’ll be amazed at the variety of dolphin encounters you’ll experience.  This tour will teach you about the local marine life, as well as the rich history of the region.

What To Bring With You On your St Andrews Marina Panama City Dolphin Tour in St Andrews Marina, FL

Do you know what to bring on your St Andrews Marina Panama City Dolphin Tour? Even if you’ve gone on a dolphin tour before, there are some things you may not think of.  Your St Andrews Marina Panama City Dolphin Tour includes a lot of fun in the water, but you will also be on a boat, which means you’ll have to bring a few things with you.

The water is usually warm in Panama City Beach, but the air temperature can be cool, especially in the evenings.  So be sure to bring a jacket or sweater with you.  You will also need a change of clothes, just in case you get splashed.  You will be in the water with the dolphins, other things include 

  • Sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Cameras to capture your extraordinary experiences
  • Aqua socks for those who prefer to protect their feet from the water


One of the most common questions that arise when vacationing in Panama City is whether or not there are dolphins in Panama City. I’m not talking about the bottlenose dolphins you see at aquariums or Sea World, but rather the Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins that live in the wild.

Dolphins are frequently spotted off the coast of Panama City, especially near St Andrews Marina, and they are the main attraction of the two local tours run by Gabby’s Dolphin Tours. The company’s morning tour is the most popular since it offers a good chance of spotting a dolphin close to shore just before lunchtime. But the afternoon tour is also a good option if you want an early evening dolphin swim, or if you just want to eat lunch on the beach! The tours are very similar, so if you just want to swim with dolphins in the afternoon, you might as well choose the cheaper option and join the morning tour. Both tour types cost $75 per person, but the afternoon tour includes a dolphin show before the dolphin

There are many dolphins in the world, and there are many locations where people can swim with them. So where can you find them? Different species of dolphins live in different regions of the world, and not every location is suitable for a swimming location. Here, we focus on the bottlenose dolphin, which is the most common dolphin you will encounter. You can find bottlenose dolphins throughout Florida, but we focus on the area around St Andrews Marina since this is where we provide dolphin trip experiences for tourists and locals.