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Beck Avenue Dolphin Tours

“I wanted freedom, open air and adventure. I found it on the sea.”

– Alaine Gerbault

Beck Avenue Panama City Dolphin Tours In Panama city, fl

Beck Avenue is a tiny town that possesses a lot of character. The town is located in Santa Rosa County, which is the northernmost and westernmost county in Florida. Beck Avenue has been an important part of the Panama City landscape for more than a hundred years and is now known for its singing dolphins and crystal clear waters.

Join our experienced tour guides who will introduce you to the Beck Avenue dolphins and show you how to safely swim with them. Our Dolphin Tours are family-friendly and led by our expert guides, so if you bring your kids along they will have a great time meeting the dolphins up close and personal.

Beck Avenue is a fantastic place to see dolphins and other sea life up close and personal. It is important to know, however, that these tours have a different focus than others in the area. For one, they are an eco-tour, so the main goal of the tour is to educate their audience about the ecosystem of Beck Avenue and the issues it faces. 

Beck Avenue is home to various dolphin species, and a number of different birds, so there is a lot to explore.  Secondly, this tour is different from others because it does not waste time with a trip to the beach.  Instead, you will get to see dolphins and other marine life up close and personal while still staying dry.

Dolphin Sightseeing and Sunset Cruises in Beck Avenue Panama City, FL

Beck Avenue Panama City Dolphin Tours In Panama city, FL

Panama City’s natural treasures include dolphins. The Gulf of Mexico is home to thousands of bottlenose dolphins, of which the most common species is the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin. The dolphins are commonly seen from beaches, but a unique way to view them is from a boat. One of the most popular ways to see dolphins is to take a dolphin tour

Whether you’re a resident or just visiting, there are many reasons to take a dolphin sightseeing or sunset cruise. Whether you want to relax and spend an afternoon with the sea creatures of the Gulf Coast or you want to get the perfect selfie with a wild dolphin on the water, we’ve got you covered. 

Our one-hour dolphin cruises are the best way to get up close to the dolphins of the Gulf with a small group of family and friends. Our captains have years of experience sailing the waters near Panama City, so we know exactly where to find the dolphins. There are lots of dolphins in the area in the summer, so you’ll have a great chance of spotting them.

Private Boat Tours Beck Avenue in panama city, fl

Beck Avenue is a small street in Panama City, FL where a lot of the best dolphin tours depart from. If you are planning on taking a dolphin tour in Panama City, it is best to check with the tour company about what time you should arrive. It is important to arrive early because the boat captains have to explain a few important rules, and it is better to be on the boat early to avoid the crowds.

If you have ever wanted to take a boat tour in Panama City, then we are the people to contact. We have been giving boat tours for over 10 years, so we know how to make your experience one you will never forget. What kind of boat tours do we offer? Well, we can take you dolphins watching, sightseeing, or fishing. 

If you just want to relax in the sun and enjoy the ocean breeze, we will take you on a dolphin cruise, which is a great way to see dolphins and the ocean while relaxing in the sun. But you don’t have to take our word for it. 

Snorkeling Trips Beck Avenue Panama City, FL

A snorkeling trip is an activity that many tourists and locals of Panama City Beach Florida enjoy doing when they are visiting the area. There are many of them that all have different things to offer. You can choose to go out with a group or go out with a private group. The snorkeling trip will take you out to the open waters where you can view many different types of fish and other sea creatures.

The snorkeling tours at Panama City Dolphin Tours are a great way to observe wild dolphins in their natural environment. we offer a close look at the dolphins’ behavior and natural habitat. The guided tours cover a total of 5-miles of coast front and full-service facilities are available.


You have probably seen dolphins in aquariums or on TV, but have you ever thought of swimming with them? Swimming with dolphins is a unique experience where you can interact with these mammals. 

As many people know, swimming with dolphins is a popular vacation activity in Beck Avenue, Panama City Florida. Tourists come from all over to swim with the dolphins, but they’re often surprised at how much it costs. While the exact number will vary depending on the location of your visit and the length of your stay. the cost of a day of dolphin swimming usually falls between $300 and $500. 

Dolphins are some of the most intelligent animals on the planet, and they are generally friendly towards humans. Still, approaching a dolphin can be dangerous, since they are wild animals and can be unpredictable. Below are a few tips to follow in case you ever see a dolphin swimming in your area.

1 Always keep your distance from dolphins. These marine mammals have a remarkable sense of hearing, and they will immediately notice if you get near them.

2 If you see a dolphin swimming near you, do not attempt to touch it.

3 Do not feed a dolphin, as this can make it associate human presence with food, which can lead to it approaching humans in an aggressive manner.